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Lydia Chabata

Ashoka Fellow since juin 1993

A traditional spirit medium entrusted with the care of the environment, Lydia Chabata has organized remarkably successful tree-planting programs by drawing on the spiritual authority and natural leadership of similarly concerned mediums. Lire la suite

Alexander Chisango

Ashoka Fellow since mar 1996

Alexander Chisango is building a grassroots socio-economic movement in Zimbabwe on the basis that the family should be placed at the center of thinking and action for socio-economic progress, and that sustained equality between the sexes is the core of the secure family. Lire la suite

Betty Chishava

Ashoka Fellow since sep 1999

Betty has created the Chipo Chedu Society to fight pervasive prejudice against childless women in Zimbabwe. Betty organizes childless women, helps them learn skills they need to support themselves, and works with all strata of society, from traditional leaders to mass media, to help raise awareness... Lire la suite

Marianne Knuth

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2004

Marianne Knuth helps rural people to build self-reliance at multiple levels: financial, practical, material, social, psychological, and spiritual. Lire la suite

Verengai Mabika

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2012

With a focus on youth in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa, Verengai Mabika is developing an array of innovative educational, advocacy, and experience enhancing initiatives to expand awareness and understanding of the challenges posed by global climate change and to facilitate the... Lire la suite

Betty Makoni

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2007

Betty Makoni is building a new generation of strong, active women citizens. In Zimbabwean society, girls are discriminated against, often abused, and given limited opportunities for expression and development. Through her Girl Child Network, Betty creates safe spaces for girls to grow and connect... Lire la suite

Esinet Mapondera

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2001

Inspired by the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, Esinet founded the Zimbabwe Women Finance Trust, the first micro-credit institution in Zimbabwe to use group lending. As a result of her work, Esinet has played a leading role in a host of international endeavors addressing women's issues. Lire la suite

Zepheniah Maseko

Ashoka Fellow since sep 1997

Zepheniah Phiri Maseko has pioneered the concept of "water planting" for farmers in southern Zimbabwe and he has taken his ideas and approach across Zimbabwe and into neighboring African countries, including Zambia, Uganda, and Malawi. Lire la suite

Osmond Mugweni

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2002

Working in arid and semiarid regions of Zimbabwe, Osmond Mugweni encourages livestock farmers to adopt a collective land management system to improve productivity and halt desertification. Lire la suite

Virginia Mupandunki

Ashoka Fellow since sep 1997

Virginia Mupanduki is building up a broad national organization consisting exclusively of previously illiterate women and using the power of that organization to eradicate illiteracy, teach skills development, and create a political voice for them. Lire la suite