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Adriana Abraham Perez

Ashoka Fellow since jan 1998


En CEPRODIH, a través de un programa integral, Adriana ofrece alternativas  para la reinserción social de familias en situación de extrema vulnerabilidad  (violencia doméstica, desamparo, desempleo).  El mismo incluye capacitación  e  inserción laboral,  así como generación de emprendimientos...

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Lumber Andrada

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2018

Lumber has developed a technology and process to re-use waste materials from the plastic industry into local economies, with the participation local recyclers and Municipalities. At the same time, he is building the necessary ecosystem, developing new roles and mindset shift for existing players. Lire la suite

Ana Luisa Arocena

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2009

Ana Luisa Arocena is developing an integral approach to dealing with toxic waste management in Uruguay. She is creating new technologies to recycle and dispose of hazardous materials in responsible ways, while promoting transparency, spreading environmental and public health awareness, and creating... Lire la suite

Adriana Briozzo Colombo

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2003

By engaging mothers in the academic lives of their children and creating more effective and mutually reinforcing partnerships among schools, communities, teachers, and parents, Adriana Briozzo is stemming the high dropout rate among Uruguayan primary school students. Lire la suite
By creating a system for collecting and restoring used books and distributing them to needy schools, José Campaña is promoting both literacy and civic engagement among children in Uruguay. Lire la suite

Mario Miguel Costa Grecco

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1996

Mario Costa is creating an alternative model of communitarian agricultural production that provides a sustainable source of income and dignified existence for all of its inhabitants, while at the same time allowing for the care and social re-integration of abandoned and orphaned children. Lire la suite

Aler Donadío

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2006

Aler Donadío fosters rural development by improving farming and fishing practices, offering an alternative to urban migration for marginalized local populations whose traditional livelihoods have been threatened by environmental damage and industrial farming projects. Lire la suite

Roberto Gallinal

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2005

Gallinal’s organization, ENCARE, works with communities to strengthen their social fabric and reinforce inclusion where poverty, violence and drug use have torn neighborhoods apart. Lire la suite
Rodrigo García leads the Organization for Cetacean Conservation (OCC), the first citizen organization to promote coastal and marine conservation in Uruguay. Rodrigo focuses on restructuring the socioeconomic forces that lead to environmental problems and on building a coalition of environmentalists,... Lire la suite
Rosario García y Santos has established a national organization that is helping rural women throughout Uruguay enhance their status, improve their quality of life, and find alternatives to urban migration. Lire la suite