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Mohammad Al-Ubaydli

Ashoka Fellow since déc 2011

United Kingdom
Mohammad Al-Ubaydli is reducing the cost of healthcare, improving patient health outcomes, and reinventing doctor-patient communication. Through Patients Know Best, Mohammad’s technology platform allows patients to securely view their medical records and share their information with other doctors... Lire la suite

Ken Banks

Ashoka Fellow since nov 2010

United Kingdom
Ken Banks is bridging the digital divide in the citizen sector by bringing the tech revolution to the last mile: To the isolated, small, and resource-poor organizations in the developing world. Having been one of the first innovators using mobile phones for social change, Ken is now creating a... Lire la suite

Andrew Bastawrous

Ashoka Fellow since déc 2017

United Kingdom
Andrew aims to transforming global eye care delivery systems by leveraging existing resourcing, building local capacities, and developing tools to increase efficiencies in screening, diagnosis, and ultimately treatment. Lire la suite

Camila Batmanghelidjh

Ashoka Fellow since déc 2007

United Kingdom
Government service programs are failing to address the needs of the increasing number of children in the U.K. who have faced neglect or abuse. Camila Batmanghelidjh has developed a more comprehensive approach to delivering care that empowers children, families, and care professionals to work... Lire la suite

Simon Berry

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2015

United Kingdom
Inspired by the global distribution and reach of Coca-Cola products, Simon Berry has built a successful new model to bring lifesaving, over-the-counter medicines to low-income communities where they are currently unavailable. Simon believes that if suppliers create products that truly suit the needs... Lire la suite

James Bevan

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2014

United Kingdom
James Bevan has developed a global methodology to identify and map flows of illegal weapons into armed conflicts. Through Conflict Armament Research, James collects first-hand data on conventional weapons and ammunition and feeds them into an innovative online mapping tool. By holding every actor to... Lire la suite

John Bird

Ashoka Fellow since oct 2015

United Kingdom
John Bird founded The Big Issue in 1991, to liberate and de-criminalize homeless people by giving them an opportunity to earn a legitimate income, exit poverty and gain freedom over their life choices. Today, The Big Issue is the world’s most circulated street paper, selling editions in a dozen... Lire la suite

Andrea Coleman

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2014

United Kingdom
For over twenty years, Andrea Coleman has focused on solving a seemingly simple, key component of rural healthcare delivery: on-the-ground transportation. Through a series of partnerships with government institutions, Andrea has designed new ways of bringing health workers to where patients are,... Lire la suite

Phil Conway

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2011

United Kingdom
Phil Conway is redefining the industry around the care of disabled children by introducing a flexible, personalized model of care based on the real needs of the clients. Recognizing that, like all children, disabled children need “fun, friendship and fresh air,” he is using modern recruitment... Lire la suite

Sarah Corbett

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2018

United Kingdom
Sarah founded the Craftivist Collective to transform the way people think about, engage with, and most importantly do activism. Through her principles of ‘Gentle Protest’, she is inspiring both the most seasoned activists and first-time changemakers. In a unique way, she helps them to redirect their... Lire la suite