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Christopher Ategeka

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2014

CA Bikes is enabling the rural poor, particularly women and children, to access critical healthcare services through the manufacture, assembly and distribution of high quality bicycle-ambulances. At the heart of Chris’ idea for CABikes, is the philosophy that “saving lives begins long before, and... Lire la suite
Maria Baryamujura is developing community-based tourism that allows people to use their culture and livelihoods to benefit from tourism, create sustainable rural lifestyles, and expand tourism offerings to capitalize on the growing sector in Uganda. Lire la suite

Trevor Dudley

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2003

Building on the success of the kids' sports league he started in Kampala, Trevor Dudley is now using the league, and the several related endeavors it has inspired, to involve communities throughout the region in nurturing children. Lire la suite

Alice Emasu

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2011

Starting in the Teso sub-region of northern Uganda, Alice Emasu is transforming the social architecture of largely patriarchal rural communities by enabling women to be land owners. Alice believes that unlocking the ability of rural farming women to own land is absolutely critical to their economic... Lire la suite

Craig Esbeck

Ashoka Fellow since sep 2002

Craig Esbeck improves the way young children in Uganda learn by equipping primary school teachers with learning aids that are affordable, culturally relevant, and engaging. He also provides the instruction and encouragement teachers need to use the aids effectively. Lire la suite

Eric Glustrom

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2012

With the understanding that persistent poverty and social challenges cannot be solved without developing strong and resourceful leadership, Eric Glustrom partners with Ugandan schools to provide a practice-based social entrepreneurship program that empowers young people to think, and act, like... Lire la suite

Milly Auma

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2008

In the midst of the civil war that has devastated northern Uganda for more than two decades, Milly Auma is helping women who were once held captive by the Lord’s Resistance Army return to their communities and rebuild their lives. For ten years Milly lived in captivity and she now uses her personal... Lire la suite

Christina Jordan

Ashoka Fellow since déc 2001

Christina Jordan uses the Internet to build a global community of people committed to Africa and to promote innovations in community development. Lire la suite

Margrethe Junker

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2004

In the AIDS-ravaged nation of Uganda, Margrethe Junker is bringing medical, social and emotional care to urban slum dwellers living with HIV/AIDS with no other access. As clients receive care and begin to recover, they become part of the program, working as nursing care providers, social workers,... Lire la suite
In many wildlife-protected areas in Uganda, communities and wildlife are sharing habitats, living closer and interdependent lives than ever before. Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka is linking Uganda's wildlife management and rural public health programs to create common resources that benefit both people... Lire la suite