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Tiyeda Abalah has laid the foundation for the revival of a creative and forward thinking agro-pastoral approach to small-scale farming in Togo and neighboring Central Sahel. Her work has been built upon the principles of organic and sustainable cultivation. With a series of critical foundation steps... Lire la suite

Sename Agbodjinou

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2016

Sename has developed an all-inclusive space for citizens to shape their cities through innovative solutions, building on powerful synergies between traditional African values and culture with modern technology. Lire la suite

Sena Alouka

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2014

Sena is building an African environmental movement of young entrepreneurs aware of their responsibilities, capable of supporting themselves, providing solutions to improve the living conditions of populations, and engaging as citizens to ensure large-scale actors take responsibility and action. He... Lire la suite

Hugues Benissan

Ashoka Fellow since déc 2015

Hugues is building a safe, tolerant and enabling environment for the LGBT population in Togo by creating a community that can peacefully coexist within larger African societies. He has created the first association for gay men in Togo and uses access to healthcare as a pivotal entry point for the... Lire la suite


Ashoka Fellow since mai 2018

Through La Conscience Organization, Kodjo is nurturing an entire generation of West African youth who think for themselves and create value for society by positioning young people as leaders of development in their communities. Lire la suite