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Zackie Achmat

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2003

South Africa
Zackie Achmat is spearheading a grassroots social initiative to provide affordable AIDS medicines to the public in a way that will not only staunch the epidemic's growth but also transform the public health system and enable communities to counter the host of other social challenges they are facing. Lire la suite

Lesley Ann Van Selm

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2001

South Africa
By allowing young inmates to shape their own rehabilitation program while in prison and by creating support and employment networks for them upon their release, Lesley Ann Van Selm effectively reintegrates juvenile offenders into society. Lire la suite

Flick Asvat

Ashoka Fellow since mar 2001

South Africa
Flick Asvat is teaching young people in South African townships to help themselves and each other become proactive in their own education and to rise above the lack of opportunities presented to them. Lire la suite

Mike Batley

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2006

South Africa
Through an approach called restorative justice, former probation officer Mike Batley is shifting the focus of the South African justice system from punishment and onto addressing harm and the root causes of crime. Lire la suite

Lane Benjamin

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2006

South Africa
Lane Benjamin has started a volunteer-led program to counsel victims of trauma and to reduce violence in the urban townships of South Africa, where youth violence is an epidemic. Lire la suite

Jhono Bennett

Ashoka Fellow since fév 2015

South Africa
Through 1to1 – Agency of Engagement’s holistic model, Jhono is guiding the creation of a movement that aims to facilitate spatial designers in addressing the systemic issues that cause the socio-spatially unequal residential areas in South Africa. He believes that this model should be led by the... Lire la suite

Mitchell Besser

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2008

South Africa
Mitch Besser has developed a groundbreaking program to support programs that prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV by encouraging mothers living with HIV to become peer educators and provide support to similarly affected pregnant women and new mothers. Lire la suite

William Bird

Ashoka Fellow since oct 2008

South Africa
William Bird is transforming the way children and children’s issues are portrayed in the media through media monitoring efforts involving both journalists and children. He trains journalists on ‘child friendly’ journalism and enables children to become ‘media watchdogs’ to monitor press coverage of... Lire la suite

Taddy Blecher

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2012

South Africa
A pioneer of the free higher education movement in South Africa, Taddy Blecher created a university model that enables poor students to acquire a free, high-quality, professional education, while also employed by the university to gain practical experience and earn an income. Lire la suite

Andrea Bolnick

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2011

South Africa
As government recognizes it cannot possibly fulfill its pledge of affordable housing without going bankrupt first, Andrea Bolnick is demonstrating a new approach to providing “dwellings with dignity” to South Africa’s most vulnerable. Through active community engagement, Andrea is able to firmly... Lire la suite