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Shafqat Munir Ahmad has introduced the notion of social responsibility to journalists in Pakistan, in an effort to increase the amount of space devoted to pressing social concerns. He has established several research centers dedicated to democratic governance, women and children’s rights,... Lire la suite

Arif Hasan

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2009

Arif Hasan is bridging the gap between citizens, development professionals and the government in Pakistan through the Urban Resource Center: A permanent infrastructure and framework for interaction between the three sectors. The Urban Resource Center acts as a platform where people of all economic... Lire la suite

Izhar Hussain Awan

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2008

In a country where physical disability is deeply misunderstood, Izhar Hussain Awan is creating opportunities for the disabled to attend school, learn vocational skills, gain access to medical services, and no longer be marginalized as second class citizens. Izhar joins the blind, deaf, dumb, and... Lire la suite

Qurat-Ul-Ain Bakhtiari

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 1999

Quratul Ain wants to transform the approach to educating people whose job it is to articulate and act on the needs of local communities. She wants to move the field to more in-depth analysis of local community needs and away from the top-down, donor driven orientation that characterizes too much of... Lire la suite
Shad Begum is planting the seeds for a grassroots women’s movement in the isolated tribal areas of Pakistan where men determine women’s mobility, visibility, and voice. Using group activities and micro-credit to empower women, Shad builds their capacity to become politically active and run for... Lire la suite

Allah Warayo Bozdar

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 1999

Allah Warayo is leading a systematic effort to end the practice of karo kari ("honor killings') in which male family members kill female family members suspected of committing adultery. In the province of Sindh alone there were more than 423 such cases reported to authorities. The practice is most... Lire la suite

Shaista Bukhari

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2008

Recognizing the link between domestic violence and economic insecurity, Shaista Bukhari is helping women in Pakistan’s region of Punjab to engage in entrepreneurial activities. Through her Women Rights Association, she provides access to social capital, networking opportunities, business trainings,... Lire la suite

Qurban Buriro

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2005

In rural Pakistan, most small farmers still farm the traditional peasant way—without modern farming equipment or fertilizers. These farmers concentrate on growing crops with little mind for the complexities of the market, and this puts them at a distinct disadvantage when it comes time to sell their... Lire la suite

Raziq Fahim

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2009

Raziq Fahim is identifying youth at-risk for recruitment by extremists in politically turbulent regions of Pakistan and teaching them ways to channel their feelings towards peace and community building. Lire la suite

Sabiha Ghani

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2004

Sabiha combats discrimination against women by nurturing their business ventures, empowering women to spearhead economic growth in their communities as they foster their own initiative and independence. Lire la suite