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Hafsat Abiola

Ashoka Fellow since avr 2003

Determined to end gender discrimination in Nigeria and to cultivate a new generation of assertive, ethical changemakers, Hafsat Abiola is identifying young women and building their capacity to become competitive and respected decision-makers by providing them with resources and leadership training. Lire la suite

Lawrence Afere

Ashoka Fellow since nov 2015

Lawrence is a pioneer in bringing organic products into the mainstream consciousness of Nigerian society, and in promoting the demand of healthier foods to ensure the preservation of his country’s ecosystems. In doing so, he creates prospects for professional and economic development in organic... Lire la suite

Sandra Aguebor

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2004

Sandra is creating new opportunities for economic and social independence for Nigerian women by helping them join professions traditionally dominated by men, first by building a national network of auto mechanic training programs. Lire la suite
Betty Agujiobi is combating widespread adult illiteracy by introducing a needs-based approach that is effective and flexible, and that allows learners to acquire practical skills at their own pace. Lire la suite

Peter Aina

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2003

Troubled by the congestion, delay, cost, and lack of access to justice characteristic of the Nigerian court system, Peter Kehinde Aina has set up the first African alternative dispute resolution center that is formally connected to the regular courts in Nigeria. Lire la suite

Dorothy Aken'ova

Ashoka Fellow since avr 2008

Dorothy Aken’ova is improving reproductive health indices in Nigeria by challenging its culture of silence and intolerance around sexuality and sexual diversity. She is calling for sexual pleasure to be included in the discourse on reproductive health at the community and national levels. Lire la suite
Ako Amadi is addressing the perennial problem of acute water shortages during the dry season in Nigeria by developing a cost effective and simple rainwater harvesting system for use in poor rural and semi-urban communities. Lire la suite
There has been no effective system to support rural women victims of domestic violence at community levels in Nigeria. ChiChi Aniagolu-Okoye has created an easily replicable grassroots solution to empower rural women to support each other and mediate conflicts while maintaining community cohesion. Lire la suite

Ebunola Anozie

Ashoka Fellow since avr 2002

Ebunola Anozie is championing women's health in Nigeria by creating higher consumer demand for prevention and treatment of health problems that commonly affect Nigerian women. Lire la suite

Gideon Asaah

Ashoka Fellow since nov 2015

Gideon is solving the problem of education, by using interactive play to awaken the latent potentials of African children, positioning them to problem solve and become entrepreneurs Lire la suite