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Jasmine Aguilar

Ashoka Fellow since mai 1993

Through training in and support for management information systems, Jasmine Aguilar is enabling rural citizens' groups in Mexico to draw lessons from their work and develop long-term strategies by expanding their access to information about their own and one another's programs and successes. Lire la suite

Andrés Aguilar Larrondo

Ashoka Fellow since mar 2008

Using volunteers trained in clown techniques, improvisation, and communication skills, Andrés Aguilar is promoting a culture of volunteerism and civic engagement throughout Mexico. Lire la suite
Asserting long-standing but disregarded environmental protection legislation, Gustavo Alanis presents the Mexican citizen sector, government, industry, and everyday citizens with the tools and training to get involved, clean up, and protect the natural resources of Mexico. Lire la suite
When Guadalupe was told that her small son had leukemia, she came face to face with the tragedy of children with cancer. She was brought into contact with children suffering from the disease whose families, unlike her own, were unable to pay for treatment. Almost immediately, Guadalupe began to... Lire la suite

Alito Alessi

Ashoka Fellow since avr 2009

Alito Alessi is breaking the walls of isolation and creating opportunities for positive and visible interactions between people with and without disabilities through his dance program, DanceAbility. Lire la suite
In an urban, border environment pervaded by broken dreams of a better life in the United States, where the best prospect most young people can hope for is employment in the maquiladora factories on the U.S.-Mexico border. Teresa Almada is developing a new approach to the prevention and treatment of... Lire la suite
Guillermo Alonso is developing a culture of regard for children's rights by building cooperation among citizens' organizations who work on their behalf and incorporating children directly into communities' decision-making processes in southeastern Mexico. Lire la suite

Eduardo Alva Quintero

Ashoka Fellow since jan 1993

Eduardo Alva Quintero is spreading his model for workers' cooperatives among unemployed workers, like those in the fish industry, who have lost their jobs as a result of the official privatization/ modernization policies of the Mexican Government. Eduduardo is incorporating social awarness campaigns... Lire la suite


Ashoka Fellow since mai 2018

Julio Alvarez is cultivating environmentally sustainable behavior in Mexico’s next generations with a student-led, self-sustainable environmental education methodology in schools that is triggering adoption of responsible waste management and eco-friendly behaviors in the school communities and... Lire la suite

This Fellow is on sabbatical from the Fellowship. For any questions you have regarding this, please contact us here.

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