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Ibrahim ag Idbaltanat

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2008

Addressing the long-standing practice of black Touaregs enslaved to white Touaregs, Ibrahim ag Idbaltanat offers an alternative social system based on fraternity and shared heritage to bring the Touareg communities in northern Mali together as one. Stigma and discrimination linked to slave caste... Lire la suite

Garba Cissé

Ashoka Fellow since oct 2000

A medical doctor by training, Garba Hamadoun Cissé has organized his colleagues to volunteer their time and skills to bring specialized medical care to those without access while simultaneously training local medical agents to provide such care in the future. Lire la suite

Boubacar Doumbia

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2008

Boubacar Doumbia has adapted traditional production techniques for textiles to create a system of apprenticeship that incorporates youth into professional society. After training and working with other young apprentices, youth are better able to independently produce and make decisions. Boubacar is... Lire la suite
Fatoumata has created a new approach to health delivery on which the emphasis is on creating human vitality by including playgrounds, vocational training with a base in Bamako and center in five regions. She is changing public perception about what it means to be healthy. The approach has been... Lire la suite

Ismaila Samba Traore

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1992

By combining literacy training, mentoring young Malian authors, publishing textbooks written by Malians for use in local schools, and a revolutionary low cost rural book distribution scheme, Ismaila Samba Traore is preserving Mali's rich indigenous knowledge base while giving rural Malians access to... Lire la suite

Moussa Kane

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1998

Moussa Kane is providing entrepreneurs in West Africa's giant informal economy with incentives and training to move into the formal sector. By raising awareness of the disadvantages of the informal economy and securing credit and management training for informal-sector entrepreneurs, Moussa is... Lire la suite

Alou Keita

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2006

Alou Keita is reviving economically stagnant rural communities through a village banking system that provides a savings and loan scheme for villagers and an avenue for migrant workers living abroad to transfer money home. Lire la suite

Dialia Keita

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2009

More than two million Malian are emigrants (Coumba: does that mean there are two million Malians out of a total population of x million that currently live abroad?). They leave for neighboring countries (Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire), but also to the Congo and Europe, especially to France, Spain, and... Lire la suite

Maria Keita

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1993

Maria Keita is reinventing adult basic education as a means not only to "transfer skills" but also to affirm indigenous knowledge and the oral tradition. Lire la suite
Souadou Diabaté Koné is helping root out gender discrimination by guiding and coaching adolescent girls to take charge of their own concerns, develop confidence in themselves, and establish their own representative structures. Lire la suite