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Nijole Arbaciauskiene

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2000

Nijole Arbaciauskiene is pioneering a volunteer program that enables retired persons in Lithuania to define productive roles for themselves by participating in community programs and social development. Lire la suite

Girvydas Doublys

Ashoka Fellow since fév 2002

Girvydas Duoblys is revolutionizing civic education in Lithuania by engaging students, teachers, parents, and whole communities in a school-run democratic model that stimulates civic involvement and initiative. Lire la suite

Vaidotas Ilgius

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2002

Vaidotas Ilgius is steering Lithuania's citizen sector toward long-term sustainable growth by cultivating a powerful network among sectors. Lire la suite

Ausra Kuriene

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2001

Ausra Kuriene is empowering children and families at risk through community education and by promoting civic participation. She is creating an active network to arrest the development of more serious childhood psychological problems. Her approach moves away from the traditional, inefficient model to... Lire la suite
Ricardas Liskauskas's youth volunteer program enables young people to see their own worth and to gain the necessary confidence, skill, and social commitment they need to become productive workers, and ultimately, community leaders. Lire la suite
Dana Migaliova is ensuring that people with mental and physical disabilities living in the former Soviet states gain full citizenship rights and access to a better life. She is creating viable, sustainable partnerships among families, policy-makers, and citizen organizations with her ultimate goal... Lire la suite

Kristina Ona Polukordiene

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2001

Kristina Polukordiene has set up a network of youth-operated crisis intervention services that involve governmental and nongovernmental institutions. She is making suicide prevention a vehicle for building community support networks and for raising civic awareness and participation, especially among... Lire la suite

Egle Pranckuniene

Ashoka Fellow since mar 2003

Eglė Pranckūnienė is transforming education systems in Lithuania by focusing on organizational development, a proactive strategy traditionally employed by the corporate sector. By treating school communities as environments ripe for organizational learning and development, she is mobilizing a... Lire la suite