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Elie Abousaab

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2014

In societies with low or non-existing civic engagement, Elie is reversing the passivity of citizens. Starting with non-political issues in which people can hold the government responsible, he is creating a new culture which values engaged citizens and accountable governments in the Arab world. Lire la suite

Abdallah Absi

Ashoka Fellow since fév 2016

Abdallah is creating a community movement that supports innovation across all fields of the Arab region and regardless of problem areas. He is doing this through democratizing access to seed capital for early stage Arab innovators. In doing so, Abdallah is building a bridge between Arab innovators... Lire la suite

Joanne Bajjaly

Ashoka Fellow since mar 2009

Capitalizing on the living laboratory of archaeological sites and their surrounding communities and natural environment, Joanne Bajjaly is building a new sentiment of empathy, solidarity, and national unity in post-conflict Lebanon. Lire la suite

Wael Hmaidan

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2008

Wael Hmaidan is establishing an ethic of social engagement by identifying and promoting “local heroes” to inspire young people and to serve as role models—restoring respect, recognition, and appreciation for those working in the social sector. By creating a network of inspiring local heroes—Wael’s... Lire la suite

Through LASeR, Mustapha is creating a process that recruits the best talents from societies where institutions cannot do it themselves, and focuses these talents on addressing their societies’ biggest issues and opportunities. Hence, Mustapha effectively addresses the problem of brain drain...

Lire la suite

Selim Mawad

Ashoka Fellow since fév 2006

Selim Mawad integrates marginalized Arab youth into public life by educating them about transparency, accountability and democracy in government. Through his informal, interactive educational programs, he is empowering Lebanon’s next generation to become active citizens who engage in dialogue across... Lire la suite

Kamal Mouzawak

Ashoka Fellow since avr 2010

Because of Kamal Mouzawak’s success in creating communities around organic, locally grown food, he has become the father of a movement in Lebanon that supports local farmers, educates urban communities, and gathers around the dinner table citizens of a country ravaged by decades of war. Lire la suite

Zaher Redwan

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2012

Zaher Redwan has launched a nation-wide, non party-affiliated movement to promote the strengthening of Lebanon's bio-diversity. Through income generating schemes and interactive education initiatives that bring citizens face-to-face with the country’s vast environmental wealth, Zaher is nurturing a... Lire la suite

Yorgui Teyrouz

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2017

Yorgui is creating and growing a nation-wide citizen-based movement that is able to systemically build peace through the mobilization of blood donors across Lebanon. Lire la suite

Sarah Trad

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2006

Sarah Trad is confronting Lebanon’s growing drug addiction problem by drawing on creative, science-based methods that are common in the West, but have yet to be implemented in the Arab world. She believes that addicts are suffering from an illness that can be cured with proper treatment, and should... Lire la suite