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Martín Abregú

Ashoka Fellow since jan 1996

Martín Abregú is carving out a new agenda and strategy for Latin American human rights organizations. This strategy shifts both the content and form of traditional human rights work in the region from reactive to proactive, from radical strikes against disappearances, physical torture and other... Lire la suite

Denise Abulafia

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2017

Denise is flipping the traditional classroom education model by delivering easily accessible instructional education content online. The digital content can be accessed at home or in school by students and teachers, democratizing access to quality education in Argentina. Lire la suite

Maria Ana Angeleri

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2011

María Ana Angeleri is changing the landscape of nutrition education through a creative health and wellness program that integrates parents, children, adolescents, teachers, and schools. Through a dynamic and interactive prevention program that focuses on healthy eating habits and self-initiative to... Lire la suite

Mercedes Assorati

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2012

Mercedes Assorati is leading a coordinated front against human trafficking in Argentina. The social, legal and public policy resources in her network work in tandem to arouse and motivate society against this entrenched transnational tragedy. Lire la suite

Ricardo Bertolino

Ashoka Fellow since oct 1999

Ricardo Bertolino (Argentina, 1998) is training youth to become leaders within their communities through an ingeniously simple model that engages them in the solution of one of Argentina's most pressing problems: waste management. Lire la suite

Carolina Biquard

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 1997

Carolina Biquard is working to strengthen the burgeoning Argentine social sector through a series of activities that introduce to non-profit organizations a new culture of management and institutional development and provide them with the concrete skills needed to maximize their impact. Lire la suite
Employing a strategy that has not been utilized by other human rights advocates in Argentina, Martín Bohmer is pursing test cases with important rights-guaranteeing potential in the Argentine courts. In so doing, he is providing his fellow countrymen with a much-needed instrument for remedying... Lire la suite

Nestor Busso

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2009

For more than twenty years, Néstor has been democratizing communication as a crucial way to promote citizenship for all in Argentina and Latin America. Through a strong network of radio-broadcasters, he has developed an alternative to the media dominated by powerful groups by creating a... Lire la suite
Marcelo Caldano has designed an alternative economic plan for poverty-stricken areas where economic participation is not always an option. The community-based participation program helps citizens effectively use local resources to meet a growing need for public services and institutions. Lire la suite

Jorge Cappato

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2010

Jorge Cappato is expanding riverine communities’ economic opportunities in northeastern Argentina by redefining the role they can play within the fishing industry’s value chain. Jorge is thus preserving their culture and identity, increasing their well-being and mitigating their economic need to... Lire la suite