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Silvio Meira

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2011

Dissatisfied with the poor performance of Brazil in the field of information technologies and software development and convinced that the country had enormous creative potential, Silvio Meira created the Recife Centre for Advanced Studies and Systems (CESAR) in 1996. A unique, public-private non... Lire la suite

Annys Darkwa

Ashoka Fellow since déc 2012

United Kingdom
Annys Darkwa has identified that stable, quality housing is a key linchpin in the cycle of re-offending, and she is solving this public sector problem with a private sector solution. Lire la suite

Carsten Rübsaamen

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2013


Bookbridge builds business and leadership skills through experiential learning. Through Bookbridge's Capability Programs, candidates from the Global North join hands with talents from the Global South to learn state-of-the-art business skills and develop as responsible leaders while creating...

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Christian Vanizette

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2013



MakeSense réveille l’envie et le potentiel d’action de tout un chacun pour construire le monde de demain :  une société inclusive, innovante et entrepreneuriale. Une communauté internationale qui accompagne et réunit des citoyens engagés, des entrepreneurs passionnés, et des organisations...

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Frédéric Bardeau

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2015






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Nathalia Mesa

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2016

Through her integrated model she frees children and offers them a safe and peaceful childhood; this is achieved through her high quality methodology, sustainable and highly replicable which empowers teachers to develop affectionate relationships. Nathalia is building a new ecosystem with new... Lire la suite

Tamer Taha

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2017

Tamer is bridging the wide innovation gap in the Egyptian economy by connecting solution seekers and providers. Through his online platform,, and active on-ground engagement, Tamer is building a movement that mediates between previously-isolated parties to crowd-solve various local,... Lire la suite
As scientist from the isolated coastal rainforest region of Colombia, Mabel stimulates sustainable economic development in biodiverse areas by connecting ancestral knowledge, science, and entrepreneurship to create a “bioeconomy.” Lire la suite

Bruno Defelippe

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2017

Bruno is developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Paraguay and Latin American to change the way society relates and solves problems. Through a youth-centric approach, Bruno is promoting social innovation through a synaptic network of young social entrepreneurs dedicated to solving social problems... Lire la suite

Kenji Hayashi

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2017

Kenji Hayashi is rejuvenating rural areas suffering from depopulation. By creating a new pathway for emerging urban professionals to build their careers as change agents in rural municipalities, Kenji is creating a system that enables the sustainable development of struggling rural communities. Lire la suite