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Frederico Fullgraf

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 1988

Frederico Fullgraf is an environmental filmmaker and writer from Rio de Janeiro. He is using his skills to educate people and promote popular participation regarding environmental issues, and especially about nuclear energy. Lire la suite

Oscar Vilhena Vieira

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2003

A recognized and respected leader in the area of human rights, Oscar Vilhena Vieira has pioneered the creation of a range of projects and activities in the human rights field both, in Brazil, to ensure that human rights guaranteed in the constitution come to be respected in practice and, at the... Lire la suite

Rubens Born

Ashoka Fellow since avr 2004

Rubens is building powerful networks and coalitions of civil society organizations addressing major issues of environmental protection and sustainable development in Brazil. His work is helping those organizations gain greater voice in national and international deliberations and enabling them to... Lire la suite

José Mario Brasiliense

Ashoka Fellow since nov 2006

José Mario is improving local governance by promoting communication between community leaders working across government, private, and civil society sectors. By creating dialogue where there was none before, José Mario is building a system of governance that functions more efficiently and more... Lire la suite
As a pioneer in the field of urban housing reform, Maria das Gracas “Graca” Xavier is mobilizing historically excluded groups to take charge of their housing needs, and in turn, advance their legal and political interests. Lire la suite

Jean-Marc Borello

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2008



Construit sur des activités de lutte contre les exclusions, le GROUPE SOS a su progressivement se diversifier et répond aujourd’hui aux enjeux de la société à travers 5 secteurs: la jeunesse, l’emploi, les solidarités, la santé et les seniors. En plaçant l’innovation sociale au cœur de ses...

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Gilles Reydellet

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2009


Gilles Reydellet est un alumni du réseau Ashoka. Pour plus d’information sur ce statut, veuillez nous contacter à [email protected].


Pour que l’accès aux services publics soit effectif pour tous, même les plus isolés et marginalisés, Gilles a développé l’Union Nationale des Points...

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Edward Edilbi

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2014


Edward Edilbi is introducing a new way to empower, integrate and build social capital in scattered, immigrant populations that have been affected by a political crisis or natural disaster. Using diaspora networks, he enables refugees to play an active and productive role, thus changing their status...

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Marinalva Santana

Ashoka Fellow since fév 2014

Having secured the legal foundation for the human rights of the LGBT community through judicialization, Marinalva is now reinforcing mainstream support of the LGBT community in public life and at home. Lire la suite

Olivier-Hugues Terreault

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2014

Olivier-Hugues Terreault is preparing Brazilian society to be able to care for their growing elderly population. Through an innovative clowning therapy, he is equipping caregivers and seniors themselves with tools for communication, meanwhile his work with decision makers and the general population... Lire la suite