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Planning consultant Raul Jungmann is tackling nothing less than the entire justice and security system in Brazil, working to reform its archaic institutions through popular participation. Lire la suite
Building on his personal, educational, and professional experience with the Brazilian penitentiary system, Roberto da Silva is implementing a comprehensive system for community co-management of prisons that provides citizen institutions with the technical training and partnerships necessary to turn... Lire la suite

Renê Patriota

Ashoka Fellow since sep 2001

Renê Patriota is a physician who empowers consumers to demand and receive better health care from both the public health system and private health insurance and health plans. Her association resolves immediate problems that threaten patients' access to urgently needed medical attention and seeks... Lire la suite

Rosana Grinberg

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2003

Rosana Grinberg has been developing an effective way to contact, inform, and empower excluded people in Recife, making them aware of their rights and explaining current government programs and services for consumer defense and promotion of civil rights. Lire la suite

Oscar Vilhena Vieira

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2003

A recognized and respected leader in the area of human rights, Oscar Vilhena Vieira has pioneered the creation of a range of projects and activities in the human rights field both, in Brazil, to ensure that human rights guaranteed in the constitution come to be respected in practice and, at the... Lire la suite

Rebeca Duarte

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2005

Rebeca Duarte is combating the pervasive yet veiled racism in Brazilian society by reforming a judicial culture that impairs enforcement of existing anti-discriminatory legislation. Working with lawyers, judges, police officers, prosecutors, victims, and civil rights groups alike to better utilize... Lire la suite

Valdênia Paulino

Ashoka Fellow since mar 2006

In the vast peripheries of Sao Paulo, the poor suffer human rights violations, such as police violence, every day. Valdênia Paulino defends their rights by providing them with education and access to legal mechanisms of protection. Courses on legal rights identify patterns of systematic abuse while... Lire la suite

Marli Márcia da Silva

Ashoka Fellow since mar 2006

Without legally established paternity, 30 percent of Brazil’s children raised by single mothers face lifelong stigma and limited financial means. Marli da Silva promotes the full citizenship and material and affective support of children abandoned by their fathers by supporting single mothers. She... Lire la suite
Luciana Zaffalon has developed a unique multisectoral approach to promote both the right to a public defender and fairness within Brazil’s criminal justice system. She combines judicial and legislative reform with powerful public outreach to promote rights-respecting practices in the media and... Lire la suite

Jean-Louis Kiehl

Ashoka Fellow since avr 2011



Le surendettement engendre une double peine d’exclusion financière et sociale. Or les établissements financiers peuvent être excessivement incitatifs, et la France reste un des rares pays sans “Registre national du crédit”. Le nombre de ménages français ayant recours à une Commission de...

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