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Roberto Siqueira Carneiro

Ashoka Fellow since juin 1989

Roberto Siqueira Carneiro is reintroducing rare monkeys into threatened ecosystems, starting with the remnants of Brazil's Atlantic rainforest. Since the monkey can not survive unless the forest is healthy, engaging popular support for the monkeys should be an effective means of protecting the... Lire la suite

José Américo Silva Fontes

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1992

Dr. Jose Americo Silva Fontes is a pediatrician specializing in neonatal care from the northeastern city of Salvador. He has invented numerous medical devices that are lifesaving, simple, and affordable. He is now launching a foundation to put the equipment and know how that he has developed to use... Lire la suite

Leila Novak

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1999

Leila Novak has come up with a way to address the social and economic needs of people who live in and around garbage dumps in small municipalities. Her approach meets the needs of families who scavenge for a living as well as the increasing desire of municipal governments to reduce the space needed... Lire la suite

Wilson Passeto

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2007

Wilson Passeto is empowering ordinary citizens to take steps to combat urban water scarcity, by providing them with a series of incentives and technical innovations to reduce their water consumption. He offers training and support to a growing cohort of “water agents,” who then help to change the... Lire la suite
José Dias is empowering small farmers in Northeastern Brazil to collectively manage and appropriate resources for drought-resistant technologies. His model aims to break the dependence of small-scale farmers on government support by providing them with sufficient autonomy to invest in new... Lire la suite

Nicolas Métro

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2012


Constatant l’inefficacité des mesures de lutte contre la déforestation et un fort cloisonnement entre les acteurs, Nicolas Métro décide d’inverser la tendance mondiale en faisant de l’arbre et de la forêt une solution intégrée de développement humain local et global. Il casse les silos et...

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Luís Otávio Felipe Ribeiro

Ashoka Fellow since oct 2012

Through Catarse, Luis Otávio Ribeiro is pioneering a new way of mobilizing citizens to be more active in the citizen sector, by using technology to enable participation. Lire la suite

Dennis Lennartsson

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2013


Dennis left European Sign Language Center in September 2015.

After 6 years of elevating sign language to serve a richer purpose Ashoka Fellow Dennis Lennartsson shifted his work to focus on creating a web tool for sign language translation in developing countries, founding SignReader which he now...

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Edward Edilbi

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2014


Edward Edilbi is introducing a new way to empower, integrate and build social capital in scattered, immigrant populations that have been affected by a political crisis or natural disaster. Using diaspora networks, he enables refugees to play an active and productive role, thus changing their status...

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Jonathan Mativo

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2014

Jonathan has created a model that brings technology education to communities through village-level training camps and a two month curriculum that has allowed him to reach over 16,000 people in less than three years. Jonathan has designed this program to suit the needs of his target population - the... Lire la suite