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Sueli Camargo de Mattos

Ashoka Fellow since jan 1998

Sueli Camargo has developed a comprehensive professional training program for teenagers in São Paulo's slums, teaching them the personal presentation skills necessary to succeed in a competitive job market. Lire la suite
In the sertão "hinterlands" of northeastern Brazil, Francisco Alemberg de Souza Lima offers children dignified alternatives to exploitative labor by presenting opportunities in communications, media, and tourism. As a result, with their own creativity and enhanced education, the region's young... Lire la suite

Pablo Santiago Capilé Mendes

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2007

Pablo Capilé has created a model for a successful professional livelihood in music, art, and other cultural arenas based on collaboration and collective work as a viable alternative to the often-false hope of individual fame and fortune. Lire la suite

Meinrad Armbruster

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2008

Meinrad Armbruster is addressing one of the biggest inequalities in Germany: Children from working class backgrounds have significantly fewer chances of success in life and suffer crucial disadvantages at home before the age of six. Meinrad helps these children by making their parents a part of the... Lire la suite

Markus Gander

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2008



Markus is giving young people across Switzerland the chance to connect with each other through a platform that facilitates younger and older people's engagement,  to work together towards social change. He founded
Infoklick in 1998. Infoklick connects youth with their peers and serves...

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Christiane Daepp

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2008


Christiane’s Office of Ideas helps children use their creativity and idealism to become active problem solvers in their communities. Through extracurricular activities in schools, kids independently work to develop solutions to the problems their peers, teachers, and neighbors face, and change...

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Vera Perino

Ashoka Fellow since fév 2010

Although Brazil struggled with issues of severe malnutrition in the past, since the 1990s obesity among children has become an increasingly alarming but unreported problem. Vera Perino is transforming the way Brazilian society perceives and addresses obesity by looking at both its causes and... Lire la suite

Roberto Chaves

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2011

Roberto “Beto” Chaves, a member of Rio de Janeiro’s police force, is rebuilding trust between Rio’s police and its favela communities. Through loosely structured “chats” in the community between police, ex-convicts and youth, Beto is breaking down the stereotypes and misconceptions that each group... Lire la suite

Jerónimo Calderón

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2012


Jerónimo has created a youth-led movement that transforms social change into a desired lifestyle for Generation Y. Euforia developed highly engaging event-trainings that offer young people and executives unique learning opportunities. By branding citizen engagement as cool, trendy and attractive,...

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Mariana Incarnato

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2012

Mariana Incarnato envisions a society where young people see themselves as positive contributors. Focusing on cultivating their confidence and skills with a range of coaches, mentors and company employers, Mariana is helping them transition successfully to adulthood. Lire la suite