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Silvia Maria Carvalho

Ashoka Fellow since nov 1986

Silvia dedicates her work to training teachers and other actors of public education in primary schools of early childhood education. With her work at Instituto Avisa Lá she built a continuous system of teacher training linked to student learning. Lire la suite

Maria lucia carr Gulassa

Ashoka Fellow since oct 1989

Maria Lucia Gulassa has developed and is setting out to spread simple, effective new approaches to caring for infants and children in the daycare centers, nurseries, and institutions of Sao Paulo, especially those serving its poor majority. Lire la suite

Adriana Teixeira da Costa

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1995

Adriana Costa uses a "Games Bus" to bring cognitive and social development activities to severely deprived children in poor and crowded urban communities, as well to stimulate continuing parental and community action. Launched in low-income communities in São Paulo, the program is now spreading to... Lire la suite

Marli Márcia da Silva

Ashoka Fellow since mar 2006

Without legally established paternity, 30 percent of Brazil’s children raised by single mothers face lifelong stigma and limited financial means. Marli da Silva promotes the full citizenship and material and affective support of children abandoned by their fathers by supporting single mothers. She... Lire la suite
Upon first coming into contact with a child suffering from cerebral palsy, Pedro Guimarães’s life immediately changed—instead of seeing a disability, he saw the enormous potential and intelligence behind a body that failed to obey. This inspiration led him to the realization that traditional... Lire la suite

Anne Roos-Weil

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2012


Anne Roos-Weil est un alumni du réseau Ashoka. Pour plus d’information sur ce statut, veuillez nous contacter à [email protected].


La mission de Djantoli est de prévenir, détecter et traiter rapidement les maladies bénignes, causes principales de mortalité infantile et maternelle en Afrique...

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Judi Aubel

Ashoka Fellow since oct 2012

Judi Aubel is improving the lives of women, children and families by empowering grandmothers, an abundant and underutilized cultural resource, to catalyze change in socio-cultural norms related to many issues, including girls’ education, early and forced marriage, teen pregnancy, female genital... Lire la suite

Mara Maudet

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2013



Innovant dans les services aux populations les plus pauvres – centres sociaux, formation, accueil petite enfance - depuis les années 1980, en les associant à l’élaboration des solutions, elle a largement influencé les...

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Girlie Garcia-Lorenzo

Ashoka Fellow since nov 2013

Poor children suffering from chronic illnesses in Philippine public hospitals experience extreme stress and pain. Families and hospital staff also suffer from the physical demands of caring and the emotional strain of treating children with serious, often terminal, conditions. Maria Fatima “Girlie”... Lire la suite