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Saru Jayaraman

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2013

United States

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Faced with the problem of child malnutrition, coupled with the sparse economic resources of the women in her community, Marguerite Thiaw has created a series of innovations based on the banana, the main crop of her native region of Tambacounda, in Eastern Senegal. Using everything from the fruit to... Lire la suite

Ellen Goodman

Ashoka Fellow since déc 2014

United States

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Mónica Litovsky Díaz, a deeply thoughtful sociologist, uses Uruguay’s medicinal herb harvesting agro-ecological production and processing to bring popular and traditional knowledge into a modern framework, secure the participation of a marginalized population as suppliers in a developing market, and... Lire la suite

Rajeev Vartak

Ashoka Fellow since mai 1994

Rajeev Vartak (India 1992) is launching a program to develop science teaching and self-learning aids for school children. He introduces his ideas through science fairs and organized teachers groups. Lire la suite

Kristin Hayden

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2005

United States

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Rajeev Khedkar

Ashoka Fellow since juil 1994

Rajeev Khedkar is restoring the diversity of plant species cultivated in India by teaching farmers how to use, modify and preserve traditional species of rice. The re­introduction of traditional rice species will help farmers confront their problems of soil infertility, plant diseases and pests, and... Lire la suite

Menaha Kandasamy

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2009

Sri Lanka
Menaha Kandasamy, the daughter of a plantation worker, has been changing the structure of traditionally male dominant plantation labor unions in Sri Lanka into a more representative and egalitarian setup by ensuring a 50 percent representation of women within the estate committees. Menaha is... Lire la suite

Laila Risgallah

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2013

Dr. Laila Risgallah is forcing everyone—starting with children, parents, teachers and social workers—in Egypt to see and reject, and act to prevent now widespread and deeply harmful childhood sexual abuse. Lire la suite

Krystian Fikert

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2011

In Ireland, adequate mental health care is out of reach for many who need it because public offerings are too slow and the private market is too costly. Krystian Fikert has created a new social business model of community-based mental health services, which has unleashed a movement for accessible,... Lire la suite