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Benjamin Mousnier-Lompré

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2017



 En France, les efforts au sein du système de santé ont longtemps été orientés vers le domaine hospitalier, aux dépens des soins primaires et de la prévention. En résulte un système de soins de proximité qui n’a pas pu se moderniser, perd en attractivité pour les médecins et en...

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Jean-Loup Mouysset

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2010




Jean-Loup Mouysset a mis au point un concept de Centre proposant aux personnes touchées par le cancer (malades et prochesadultes et enfants) une approche innovante offrant des soins de mieux-être et un programme...

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Megan Mukuria

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2014

Megan founded Zana Africa to ensure that young girls are able to navigate with dignity their puberty years and accompanying challenges related to changes in their reproductive health by providing access to quality hygiene products, particularly underwear and sanitary pads, as well as creating safe... Lire la suite

Clemens Mulokozi

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2015

Clemens is leveraging the power of sports and Physical Education to transform the education system in Tanzania and by so doing empowering children to develop their own potential as changemakers in the society. Lire la suite
Harley Henriques do Nascimento is combatting the spread of the HIV/AIDS virus in the poverty-stricken Brazilian state of Bahia through a network of peer educators based in the region's disenfranchised communities. Lire la suite

Wellington Nogueira Santos Júnior

Ashoka Fellow since jan 1998

Wellington Nogueira created an organization devoted to bringing happiness into the lives of children in hospitals through the dramatic art of clowning. Through his program he strives to give this form of artistic expression a predominantly social character in an effort to humanize Brazilian... Lire la suite

Ignacio Oliveri

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2017

Ignacio is empowering people to take control over their own health by encouraging them to exercise their right to health education. He is trying to change the secondary role of patients in health institutions by giving them the knowledge to take decisions together with their health professionals. Lire la suite

Renê Patriota

Ashoka Fellow since sep 2001

Renê Patriota is a physician who empowers consumers to demand and receive better health care from both the public health system and private health insurance and health plans. Her association resolves immediate problems that threaten patients' access to urgently needed medical attention and seeks... Lire la suite

Vera Perino

Ashoka Fellow since fév 2010

Although Brazil struggled with issues of severe malnutrition in the past, since the 1990s obesity among children has become an increasingly alarming but unreported problem. Vera Perino is transforming the way Brazilian society perceives and addresses obesity by looking at both its causes and... Lire la suite