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    Dallas H. Wilson, Jr., Th.D., teaches incarcerated, noncustodial fathers job skills and provides them with business-ownership possibilities, while simultaneously encouraging responsible parenthood and fostering the reintegration of fathers into the lives of their families.

    John Wilson is both a teacher and an agricultural reformer. Because the sort of sustainable farming he is introducing requires each farmer to think and plan creatively, he is both protecting Zimbabwe's natural resource base, which is increasingly at risk, and pressing the essence of development: the people's skill and will to think and take charge.

    Bezwada Wilson is leading a nationwide movement to abolish the dehumanizing practices of manual toilet cleaning and scavenging in India. Bezwada and his organization, Safai Karmachari Andolan (SKA), have served as a watchdog, pushing for legal action to demolish dry toilets across India and preparing manual scavengers to achieve new sources of income.

    Allan Williams is teaching young people to understand government as well as promote leadership through a program that models actual government ministries in high schools. 

    Joe Williams learned from experience that social isolation often drives former offenders back into lives of crime. He has introduced a program to address ex-offenders’ unique emotional needs through established social networks.

    Anders Wilhelmson is changing the way in which people in poor and crowded urban communities with inadequate sanitation facilities deal with human waste and offering a more dignified daily life. Working closely with such communities, he is providing new opportunities through single-use, biodegradable toilet bags to turn human waste into wealth and solve one of the most intractable problems in such areas.

    David is championing the concept of ‘open educational resources’ to reinvent how educational content is created, licensed, used, and improved—ultimately enabling college and university students to access to access radically improved class materials at dramatically reduced prices.

    Mauricio Wild has demonstrated a radical alternative approach to education for children in Ecuador that he has spread from Quito into outlying indigenous communities and further into the Andean region.

    Through a unique combination of media and civic action, Dale Bell and Harry Wiland are shining a light on citizen-led initiatives that present promising solutions to social problems. Through their work, the ordinary and the extraordinary meet in new and exciting ways and foster change in families and cities across America.

    Dodo Juliman Widianto is taking a community-based approach to promoting and financing housing projects for low-income communities in Indonesia. He has developed "cooperative housing groups" that are a departure from the standard housing cooperatives. In addition, he has created a national network of nongovernmental organizations and development consultants devoted to housing issues on both the local and national policy levels.