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Indonesian education system offers limited chance for people to foster their creativity skills. The situation is worsened with the fact that there’s no institution to consistently teach creativity and display local creative crafts. Wahyu Aditya develops a mechanism to cultivate young creative... Lire la suite
Lawrence is a pioneer in bringing organic products into the mainstream consciousness of Nigerian society, and in promoting the demand of healthier foods to ensure the preservation of his country’s ecosystems. In doing so, he creates prospects for professional and economic development in organic... Lire la suite

Agazi Afewerki

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2018

Agazi Afewerki has a powerful belief that any young person can teach an adult a new skill and that youth are a core resource for community development and transformation. With this idea, Agazi Afewerki is re-defining the role of youth in society, starting with the most vulnerable urban populations. Lire la suite

Ibrahim ag Idbaltanat

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2008

Addressing the long-standing practice of black Touaregs enslaved to white Touaregs, Ibrahim ag Idbaltanat offers an alternative social system based on fraternity and shared heritage to bring the Touareg communities in northern Mali together as one. Stigma and discrimination linked to slave caste... Lire la suite

Ravi Agarwal

Ashoka Fellow since jan 1998

Ravi Agarwal is changing the urban waste management system in India by involving local communities and the informal sector of rag pickers in waste disposal, and by advocating for a cleaner materials policy in industry. Lire la suite
Anil Agarwal is raising public consciousness of environmental issues through publications in order to create a sensible development policy. Lire la suite
Sename has developed an all-inclusive space for citizens to shape their cities through innovative solutions, building on powerful synergies between traditional African values and culture with modern technology. Lire la suite

Flavia Agnes

Ashoka Fellow since sep 1986

Priya Agrawal

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2015

Priya Agrawal’s initiative, Antarang, is challenging the paradigms in career linkages for children from low income backgrounds who are at a high risk of dropping out of the education stream and falling into the informal exploitative sector. She is striving to break the stereotypes around job... Lire la suite

Sandra Aguebor

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2004

Sandra is creating new opportunities for economic and social independence for Nigerian women by helping them join professions traditionally dominated by men, first by building a national network of auto mechanic training programs. Lire la suite