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    Jocelyne Kompaore seeks to take advantage of recent advances in technology to develop a new way to systematize and disseminate knowledge across rural Africa. Through her work in Burkina Faso, Jocelyne has successfully enabled rural communities to develop their own training materials and distribute information to both improve their own conditions as well as expand the lines of communication between rural and urban populations.

    Tashka Yawanawá works to restore the dignity and sense of identity of indigenous communities in Brazil through a series of cultural revitalization efforts and innovative business partnerships—proving that maintaining cultural integrity need not conflict with achieving economic prosperity.

    Mathias Bodman Yashim is providing young people with the skills and opportunities for practical leadership experiences in order to create a generation of entrepreneurs who generate jobs for themselves and others, instead of endlessly searching for employment.

    Chaiwat Yaowapongsiri is showing how ingenious, inexpensive appropriate technology can work to solve problems, improve living conditions, and create economic opportunities for Thailand's rural poor. By applying domestic know-how to both age old tasks and new low-tech industries, he is changing the perception among villagers that they can progress and prosper only with the aid of expensive imported technology.

    In an age of continuing dam construction in Asian countries, Hannarong Yaowalers is establishing a new public understanding of wetlands, formerly perceived as wastelands, by working with local communities to establish economic incentives for conservation. Hannarong is developing participatory wetland protection in Thailand as an alternative in water management.

    Eko is creating a new sustainable community system that accommodates all the usually confrontational stakeholders in integrated dry land farming, supporting this with technological innovations that promote economic sustainability.

    M. Yamin is reconfiguring a traditional, village-level decision-making institution, the banjar, to realize the opportunities of Indonesia's emerging democracy.

    Over the last decade, Desire has turned the traditional activity of beekeeping into a modern, vibrant, environmentally sound, and profitable industry that provides rural populations with a new level of economic potential. From this initial, hard-won success, Desire is bringing his comprehensive approach to modernizing other local industries.

    Human rights abuses remain unseen every day - with victims in hard-to reach areas left with no means to hold their perpetrators to account. Oren Yakobovich founded Videre in 2008 to empower oppressed communities to capture violations on video as they occur, and to expose them through a newly created, credible information channel in order to make it impossible for people to act with impunity.

    Supa Yaimuang is creating a movement of city farming in Thailand to improve access to nutrition for urban residents, while addressing a variety of social and economic problems through community collaborations. Supa’s city farming model is improving the lives of diverse clusters of society, including the urban poor, hospital patients, schoolchildren, and the elderly.