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James Whelton

Ashoka Fellow since oct 2012

James Whelton, a natural builder, teacher, avid entrepreneur, and tenacious tech expert, is creating a youth movement of citizen coders to spread a mindset shift in young people based on mentorship, inclusivity, and community-driven action. Lire la suite

Ngu Morcho

Ashoka Fellow since déc 2018

Ngu Morcho is transforming the healthcare system in Nigeria to be accessible, affordable and people-centered. He is incorporating digital technology to empower key players and patients’ community and raising awareness about prevention. To do this, he is breeding new cohorts of healthcare... Lire la suite

Ibrahim ag Idbaltanat

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2008

Addressing the long-standing practice of black Touaregs enslaved to white Touaregs, Ibrahim ag Idbaltanat offers an alternative social system based on fraternity and shared heritage to bring the Touareg communities in northern Mali together as one. Stigma and discrimination linked to slave caste... Lire la suite

Haidar El ali

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2002

Haidar El Ali has created the Oceanium, a working center in Senegal for the protection of ocean and underwater resources. Haidar's approach is to advocate the sustainable management of fishing resources through the creation of several marine parks that ensure the protection of species and resources... Lire la suite