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In the state of Bahia, in the northeast of Brazil, Sonia Coutinho has developed a center for arts and alternative education for adolescents with moderate learning disabilities that is remarkably effective in aiding their transition from school to productive employment and facilitating their... Lire la suite

Raquel da Silva Barros

Ashoka Fellow since déc 2000

Raquel Barros' new approach is rehabilitating young, low-income, chemically dependent mothers, an underserved population in Brazil. By allowing mothers to keep their children with them during treatment, Raquel is changing the model of drug rehabilitation into a more effective treatment which... Lire la suite

Mohammed Dalwai

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2018

South Africa
Mohammed is democratizing access to medical information and tools so that health care providers across the board are making the best possible decisions for their patients. Lire la suite

Dorica Dan

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2018


Dorica is revolutionising the field of care for rare disease patients, transitioning from a rigid system to a collaborative approach. She uses a flat leadership model and creates new roles to navigate it. She is building a world in which all rare diseases patients have equal and free access to...

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Subroto Das

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2004


Dr Subroto Das, winner of one of India’s highest civilian awards, Padma Shri for his work on Highway Trauma Care, co-founded Lifeline Foundation along with his wife, Sushmita (after surviving a life-threatening accident in August, 1999 on one of India’s busiest highways), with the aim of reducing...

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Neusa das Dores Pereira, a lesbian mother and leader of the black women's movement, is bringing a marginalized group–women and youth in prisons–to the attention of her community. Her methodology fosters good relationships between inmates and prison workers, reduces recidivism, helps offenders... Lire la suite

Philippe de Roux

Ashoka Fellow since mar 2015



50 % de la population mondiale est urbaine en 2015, 75% en 2050 : 40% de cette croissance se fera dans les bidonvilles, perçus comme une nuisance par les autorités publiques et dont les habitants sont considérés comme non solvables. En parallèle, les solutions d’accès à l’eau sont...

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Bénédicte Défontaines

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2013





Face à l’engorgement des hôpitaux spécialisés dans les maladies cognitives et pour démocratiser l’accès à un diagnostic précoce, rapide et accessible à tous, assorti d’une prise en charge adaptée, Bénédicte crée en 2004 un...

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Matrika Devkota

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2016

Matrika believes that the voice of the mentally ill is most powerful when voiced by them. Lire la suite

Aldana Di Costanzo

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2016



Aldana fundó Aiken con el fin de generar un cambio cultural, y brindar tanto a niños como a adultos herramientas para transitar la muerte de un ser querido, entender la muerte como parte de la vida, y como una situación que puede servir para generar una nueva realidad. Hoy, Aiken es la única...

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