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    Florian Zech provides distressed youth with education opportunities, employment training and alternatives to crime and violence by establishing a dense network of safe and appealing spaces in townships across South Africa. These spaces operate as ‘docking stations’ for a cross-sectoral alliance of youth development organizations and their respective programs.

    Through a comprehensive system that successfully brings together youth, parents, teachers, trainers and the public and private sectors, Mohamed Zariat is changing youth’s self-image by institutionalizing sports as a means to achieve self-efficacy.

    Tadeusz Zapadka is addressing the needs of marginalized rural communities by inspiring local leadership, encouraging the entrepreneurial usage of local resources, and cultivating the creation of local solutions to community problems.

    Cecília Zanotti is co-founder of Projeto Bagagem which brings together tourists, residents of the small, traditional communities they visit, and local social organizations to redefine tourism in Brazil while strengthening local development and fostering economic inclusion.

    Juraj Zamkovský is a leading figure in the growing Slovak environmental movement. He founded the Center for Environmental Public Advocacy, which has become a major catalyst and resource for other social change organizations in Slovakia.

    In Peru's Amazonian region, Víctor Zambrano is demonstrating that deforested areas with depleted soils can be recovered and put to sustainable, economically viable and environmentally sound use. He is disseminating the approaches that he has developed through an organization that provides information and other services to rural associations and farm families throughout the region.

    Elsa María Zaldivar helps rural women producers in Paraguay improve the quality and marketing of their products and explore new, profitable markets. By tapping into community resources and investing in mechanisms for better market access, she allows women to bring their goods to the global marketplace and earn more money in the process.

    Mohammad Zakaria, working in the southern delta of Bangladesh, is developing techniques that allow the poorest villagers to collect their own data, develop their own overall plan for the area, and then get that plan moving. Mohammad hopes this grassroots-level initiative will sensitize a new breed of local leaders to their village's special needs.

    Lely has used radio to help stimulate the creation of rural womens' organizations that are broadly based and are run by the rural women themselves. In her approach there is a balance between the educational component, and the leadership development component, which is not just media-driven, but rather the result of a lengthy process of consultation and facilitation.

    Viera Zahorcova has engineered the field of mental health to integrate disabled citizens into education and the workforce as well as represent their rights in government policy. She has created the first institutions to address mental health and an extensive network of support for the mentally disabled and their families.