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    By developing a new process of horizontal democratic participation in a region of resettled war zones, Ramón Arístides Valencia is helping communities both identify their needs for reconstruction and development and find ways to meet them.

    A devoted cyclist, Toto Sugito is building a bike riding movement, Bike 2 Work, to reduce air pollution and improve city transportation in Indonesia.

    Daniel Ross is helping recent immigrant Americans reconnect to their roots and enhance the economic vitality, cultural strength, health and well-being of their families and their communities.

    Chaiwat Yaowapongsiri is showing how ingenious, inexpensive appropriate technology can work to solve problems, improve living conditions, and create economic opportunities for Thailand's rural poor. By applying domestic know-how to both age old tasks and new low-tech industries, he is changing the perception among villagers that they can progress and prosper only with the aid of expensive imported technology.

    Tamer Bahaa guides people who are deaf and mute both to claim their rights as citizens and to overturn damaging stereotypes about their abilities.

    Marco Lara is changing the way that crimes are reported to the public in order to protect human rights and professionalize the media sector in Mexico. Through the Program of Media and Access to Information of the Institute of Criminal and Procedural Justice, Marco has built a standard for communicating about crime, working with journalists, government officials, and the public in order to change perceptions about crime, victims, and the accused.

    Winnie Lira organizes and trains poor women microentrepreneurs in Chile to compete effectively in the local and global marketplace.

    Based on a profound sense of respect for rural laborers that grew out of his own early experience working side by side with them, Goya Lamartine has designed and implemented the first comprehensive paralegal training course for community advocates in northeast Brazil.

    George Abraham is helping the visually impaired reach their full potentials. His Vision Enhancement Center provides blind and seeing impaired patients with the counseling, support, and training they need to function as independently as possible.

    Raghda El Ebrashi is creating employment for marginalized youth through a market-based sustainable model catering to business sector needs and market needs, thus, bridging the gap between the social sector and the business sector and professionalizing the citizen sector. Raghda’s model has as its workforce volunteer university students from the student clubs affiliated with her citizen organization (CO), Alashanek Ya Balady (AYB—For My Country).