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Merula Steagall has thalassemia—a rare hereditary blood disease—but has always led a normal life. Aware of the low quality of life for the majority of thalassemia patients in Brazil, she has used her knowledge of business to communicate with diverse partners about the democratization of access to... Lire la suite

Maria de Lourdes Braz

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1998

Committed to working with senior citizens, Maria de Lourdes Bráz has found a simple way to transform the standard assistance-based model, to which all government agencies and members of society conform, into an effective integration model. Lire la suite
Joao Claudio has long sought the most effective way to serve the poor: first as a Jesuit, then as a social activist, and now as a doctor developing novel ways of providing first-class health care to Brazil's slum dwellers. Lire la suite

Pierre Foldès

Ashoka Fellow since mar 2015



En France, environ 600 000 femmes sont victimes de violences et seules 16% portent plainte. Les solutions existantes ne permettent pas de sortir une femme victime de violence de sa situation rapidement et sans pénibilité psychologique. Le coût pour la société des violences est...

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Geertrui Serneels

Ashoka Fellow since avr 2017

Geert has pioneered a culturally sensitive and community-based mental healthcare system for refugees and migrants in Europe. Lire la suite

Marc Koska

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2017

Marc Koska is founder of the Safepoint Trust. He invented and successfully mainstreamed one of the world’s first auto-disable syringe. Since beginning his work in the late 1980’s, Marc is credited with saving 10 million lives, having changed WHO policy and best practice on the ground through... Lire la suite

Junho Lee

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2016

Junho is engineering information system for family with kids who have special needs by aggregating scattered health information. Lire la suite

Benjamin Mousnier-Lompré

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2017


 En France, les efforts au sein du système de santé ont longtemps été orientés vers le domaine hospitalier, aux dépens des soins primaires et de la prévention. En résulte un système de soins de proximité qui n’a pas pu se moderniser, perd en attractivité pour les médecins et en...

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Amr El Tayeb

Ashoka Fellow since juin 2017

Amr is popularizing access to healthcare systems by gathering and deploying intelligent information and establishing preferred policy in Egypt. Lire la suite
Amina Evangelista Swanepoel is dramatically changing the lives of women and youth in the Philippines by confronting the deep-rooted culture of stigma and misinformation surrounding reproductive and sexual health. By implementing an approach that prioritizes empowerment and community wellbeing, Amina... Lire la suite