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    Siti Aminah has succeeded in developing effective ways to preserve Indonesia's mangrove forests by harnessing the local community support of women and children and the fishermen that rely on the mangroves for their livelihood.

    Through 1to1 – Agency of Engagement’s holistic model, Jhono is guiding the creation of a movement that aims to facilitate spatial designers in addressing the systemic issues that cause the socio-spatially unequal residential areas in South Africa.

    Katie Redford is spearheading a movement to hold international companies accountable for overseas abuse in their home court jurisdictions in the Western world, and in doing so, is opening up new possibilities in human rights law.

    Carolyn Laub is creating a safer middle- and high-school environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth by helping students found Gay-Straight Alliances and linking them in a youth-led network.

    Raul Krauthausen is promoting the inclusion and awareness of urban wheelchair users through the first crowdsourced online map of wheelchair-friendly places around the world.

    In Nepal's mountainous regions, Mahabir Pun is building self-sustainable, community-run schools that improve the quality of education, bring jobs and opportunities to villages, and curb migration to urban centers.

    Approximately sixty percent of South Africa’s seed patrimonies of local or traditional varieties of food crops have been lost as people have migrated from rural areas to the urban areas over the last several generations. Munya is building a network of integrated home seed banks that not only preserves vital crop varieties in South Africa, but also revitalizes food sources and culture.

    Ingrid Munro founded Jamii Bora in 1999. Today, it is the largest and fastest growing microfinance institution in East Africa and has created the platform for an integrated economic and social movement that is transforming the lives of destitute slum dwellers, the poorest of the urban poor.

    Hilaire Gome is combining traditional environmental practices, reconstituted as uniquely effective modern policies, and a massive campaign of environmental awareness aimed at young people to spearhead Cote d'Ivoire's environmental movement.

    Pranjal Baruah is organizing farmers in Assam around mushroom cultivation. He puts farmers in control of their produce through his land-to-lab strategies and training and support for "mushroom entrepreneurs." In addition to creating new livelihood opportunities for thousands of unemployed youth and landless families in Assam, Pranjal is developing a new market for mushroom consumption.