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Teresa Zorrilla Palomar

Ashoka Fellow since jan 1990

Teresa Zorrilla has set up a national network of indigenous health projects with the aim of providing training and evaluation for health promoters from different ethnic backgrounds. Lire la suite

Marie Léa Zongo

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1995

Burkina Faso
Lea Zongo's (Burkina Faso 1995) organization is the first to target the promotion of the rights of young girls in Burkina Faso. By concentrating on runaway girls fleeing forced early marriages, Lea is raising consciousness among girls and among parents about the rights of girls and women. By doing... Lire la suite

Stanley Zlotkin

Ashoka Fellow since fév 2007

Two-thirds of children in developing countries suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies—so-called “hidden hunger.” Through grassroots mothers’ groups that provide essential health education, Stan Zlotkin is building a global network for distributing “Sprinkles,” a unique form of nutrition that... Lire la suite

Amitai Ziv

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2010

Professor Amitai Ziv, a pediatrician and an ex-Air Force pilot, is helping transform the way medical and other community service professionals (from healthcare professionals and social workers to secondary educators) are trained and evaluated, in order to enhance the social and professional skill... Lire la suite

Joseph Zingui

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1995

Joseph Zingui is building an alternative family and community based movement to love and care for Cameroon's orphaned, disadvantaged and poor children. Lire la suite

Silvia R. Ziller

Ashoka Fellow since fév 2002

Silvia is working to balance social development and community-building with environmental conservation, focusing on sustainability over the long term. Working from this vision, she is the first Brazilian to address biological imbalances caused by foreign plant species. Unlike the United States and... Lire la suite

Falk Zientz

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2010

Falk Zientz is building a self-sustaining microfinance distribution system which links traditional banks and non-banking organizations in Germany. Through this new system of micro lending, Falk is empowering tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to access new forms of capital and create lasting change... Lire la suite

Shahid Zia

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2007

Shahid Zia is popularizing organic farming among small farmers, in both barrage areas and arid zones in Pakistan. He is developing farmer groups and setting up programs for seed development and organic farm certification to make organic farming affordable and profitable. Lire la suite

Riccarda Zezza

Ashoka Fellow since fév 2016

Riccarda believes that maternity leave should be understood by parents, colleagues and employers as a time of profound learning, rather than simply time away from work. Lire la suite
Cristina Zepeda's organization, Siembra, redefines the role and expectations of micro-credit by helping Mexican women overcome the disadvantages they face in the business world. Lire la suite