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De nouvelles alliances au service de l’intérêt général


Much of the world is stuck in a management model that is based on teaching people specialized skills that they repeat over and over as part of rigid hierarchies. But today, new technologies and new kinds of individual empowerment have made this old model obsolete.

Community Greens Communities

Ashoka's Community Greens helps residents, government leaders, and citizen sector organizations come together to develop incentives and policies that catalyze the development of these new urban com [...]

Alley Gating and Greening: The Baltimore Story and How CG Began

"I thought it was a great idea to gate [the alley] and to try to get people to look at it in a different way. At the time, I didn’t realize it, but afterwards I realized it was a great community-building project because you got to know your neighbors through the meetings or just knocking on their doors and asking them to donate money to buy the gates."

Why Should You Develop Community Greens in your City?

Whether they are incorporated into new developments or become part of the fabric of existing neighborhoods, community greens have a number of remarkable benefits both at an individual level and at the local, city level.

Individuals and their families benefit a lot from Community Greens which:

3 Ways Safe Spaces Foster Collaborative Entrepreneurship

Since Bill Drayton founded it in 1980, Ashoka has emphasized the unmatched impact of social entrepreneurs working together.  In fact, Ashoka seeks out these driven visionaries and awards them with a lifelong Fellowship to support them within its network. In the Philippines,  Ashoka Fellows are transforming local communities nationwide in various sectors such as health, education, economic development, peace, and inclusivity.





Bill Drayton on The Big Think: Tearing Down the New Inequality

Bill Drayton, the founder and CEO of Ashoka, thinks that doing business today relies on being as prismatic and as open as possible. That's how you become, as he puts it, a "change maker." Watch the video:


Aujourd'hui, de plus en plus d'entreprises réfléchissent à repenser leur modèle économique, pour atteindre de nouveaux marchés à la "base de la pyramide", tout en contribuant à résoudre les défis sociaux et environnementaux les plus urgents.

Leadership in a Changemaker World: Lessons from the COO of Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign

As history itself would attest, there’s no doubting the fact that the team who managed U.S. President Barack Obama’s 2008 “Obama for America” Presidential Campaign ran it like a well-oiled machine.

Ashoka Philippines

The organization was named after the Indian emperor Ashoka, a good historical example of a social innovator.

Since the organization’s main purpose is to develop a changemaking culture, looking for social innovators and helping them reach their full potential is one of its important functions.