Portrait : Caroline Kant et la fondation Esperare

Caroline Kant

Qu'une maladie affecte 2000 ou 20 millions de personnes, les droits au traitement médical devraient être les mêmes. C'est le but de la Fondation EspeRare, une association basée à Genève et créée en 2013 par Caroline Kant, qui réveille les médicaments « dormants » sur les étagères des laboratoires, pour les repositionner sur les traitements des maladies rares !

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This article was originally published on September 7, 2016
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Caroline is interested in inclusive finance, impact evaluation and innovative market-based interventions aimed at reducing poverty and inequality. Caroline started her career in finance at General Electric where she worked for four years. More recently, she worked in the Strategic Initiatives team at Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and held short-term positions at UNDP in Vietnam and Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. Caroline has also been involved in her free time in entrepreneurial activities to promote economic development. In 2004, she implemented a scholarship program for Dalits in India and since 2012, she co-founded Maloulie, a baby clothing company made in Peru. Caroline holds a double Master in Management from ESCP Europe and a Master of Public Administration from Columbia University.

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