The Arbinger Institute offers excellent resources for developing leadership skills and improving results and relationships at work and in your life away from work. Leadership and Self-Deception illustrates the way our own inner state impacts our performance and interactions with others. Being “in the box” limits our possibilities and getting “out of the box” opens the door to collaboration and new options. Getting “out of the box” involves seeing people as human beings like ourselves, being attentive to their feelings, needs, hopes and dreams. Anatomy of Peace introduces the language of “heart at war” and “heart at peace”. The same matters of the heart that result in global conflict result in the personal conflicts we engage in. By increasing awareness of our own perceptions and responses to others, we can choose a “heart at peace” and influence peace in our surroundings. The “change pyramid” encourages us to focus less on fixing what’s wrong and more on helping what is right. Helping what’s right includes teaching and communicating, listening and observing, building relationships, and self reflection.