Changemaker School

StarShine began as a laboratory experiment in 2002, within a real school, to develop the very best idea of educaon forall children, regardless of any other factors, focusing on individual potenal and responsibility for self and StarShine began as a laboratory experiment in 2002, within a real school, to develop the very best idea of educaon forall children, regardless of any other factors, focusing on individual potenal and responsibility for self and others. 

StarShine Academy is a system of K-12 charter and private schools recognized as transformational innovators in education:  Super Schools. You can’t measure Super Schools with today’s measurements of a few test scores because they require the outstanding growth of a whole human being. StarShine Academy believes every child is born for responsibility and abundance, once they learn how to attain it and sustain it. At StarShine they build more than great students of the 21st Century, they build great humans wanting to spend their lives learning, changing, challenging, improving and helping others. StarShine is dedicated to preparing each child for success. They do so by combining outstanding learning, compassion, understanding how the brain learns, and the ability to recognize that each child has specialized needs determined by their current knowledge and skills, their learning style and their goals. At StarShine, self-empowerment, an appreciation for finer things, along with self-discipline are deemed essential to success. The StarShine 15 Guiding Principles are woven throughout all practices. StarShine’s curriculum combines the very best in learning discoveries, and Systems Thinking, particularly in developing StarShine’s Spiral Curriculum, interwoven in Montessori practices for body, mind, spirit, health, wealth and happiness. In recognition of their efforts StarShine is nationally and internationally accredited by AdvancED, and honored by the United Nations and the Vatican as Schools for Peace. 


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