Emerging Insights: The 2019 Ashoka Fellows

Emerging Insights 2019 cover photo

In analyzing the work of 78 elected Fellows, we looked for patterns in their visions for social change and in the strategies and tools they have been using to achieve them.

Please find below our 8 stories on Environment and Climate Change, Young People, Health Care, Education, Science and Technology, Labour and Migration, Civil Society, and Access

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Emerging Insights 2019: Introduction

WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR THINGS TO ACTUALLY CHANGE? This is the question that Ashoka has been asking for 40 years. Our search for social entrepreneurs has been, at its heart, a quest to find the individuals among us who see what’s underneath social challenges and work to change the systems that are at...
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Emerging Insights 2019: Young People

Preparing youth for an uncertain future
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Emerging Insights 2019: Health Care

Networking for better mental health and inclusion
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Emerging Insights 2019: Education

Bridging the gaps for more equitable learning
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Emerging Insights 2019: Civil Society

Accountability & transparency for the public
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