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Eliana Elias

Ashoka Fellow depuis mar 1999


Eliana Elias is designing new techniques for improving communication in public health programs, to ensure that the recipients understand the services and information being offered.

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Ojciec Kuba stworzył system wsparcia wspólnotowego na rzecz osób o znacznym stopniu niepełnosprawności, w miejscach w Polsce, w których nie zostało ono odpowiednio zapewnione. Tworzy „wspólnoty” rodziców, wolontariuszy, przyjaciół i instytucji, które orientują się wokół potrzeb osób...
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Lillian Masebenza

Ashoka Fellow depuis juin 2008

South Africa
Mhani Gingi Social Entrepreneurial Networks

In 2006, Lillian Masebenza launched Mhani Gingi Social Entrepreneurial Networks, which adapts traditional community structures to create a trusted platform for income-generation for women and youth in South Africa. She provides business training, skills-development, and mentorship to groups that...

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Rebecca Onie

Ashoka Fellow depuis aoû 2008

United States

Rebecca Onie is building a movement to break the link between poverty and poor health by mobilizing undergraduate volunteers to provide sustained public health interventions in partnership with urban medical centers, universities, and community organizations.

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Beatriz Fadón Junyent

Ashoka Fellow depuis mai 2008


Modern agricultural policy and the heavy subsidization of industrial farms in Europe have stripped farmers of their political and economic influence, creating an overall state of listlessness in rural Spain and driving many to abandon the profession altogether. In response, Beatriz Fadón Junyent is...

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Karen Worcman

Ashoka Fellow depuis sep 1999


Karen Worcman, granddaughter of Jewish immigrants, is transforming the way history is produced, understood and received by creating a way for unrecognized individuals to generate lasting oral histories.

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Sylwia Chutnik

Ashoka Fellow depuis juil 2009

Sylwia Chutnik podjęła wiele inicjatyw celem przeciwdziałania społecznemu, ekonomicznemu i kulturowymi wykluczeniu matek. Reformuje ona instytucje i wpływa na społeczeństwo sprawiając, że przestrzeń społeczna jest dostępna i przyjazna dla matek z małymi dziećmi.
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Shaikh Mizan

Ashoka Fellow depuis jan 2004


Without rapid technological innovation, businesses in the developing world cannot compete and grow enough to provide their people with the jobs and services they need. In Bangladesh, Shaikh Mizan is working to prepare local companies for a rapid pace of technological innovation, bringing powerful...

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Cosmas Okoli, who at the age of four was disabled by polio, is working to create a society in which the disabled can live full lives and have pride in themselves. He manufactures special protheses, manual car controls, and sports equipment for the disabled and concurrently has established a National...

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Zaini Alif

Ashoka Fellow depuis mai 2014

Komunitas Hong

As the popularity of digital games increases with children and education programs do not take play into account, children are missing out on opportunities to develop essential social skills. Zaini Alif identifies and reintroduces traditional toys and games as a way to ensure that the next...

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