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Sworn Again: Americans Recommit to a Civic Creed

This article originally appeared on Forbes

American politics may be in tatters, economy teetering, pandemic afoot – but what better time to revisit our connections to some very basic ideals, like democracy and justice? For decades, Americans have moaned about a “broken” political system too dysfunctional to fix itself from within, yet almost impervious to reform from without. Ashoka Fellow Eric Liu breaks the stalemate through his non-partisan Citizen University, with offerings available nationwide and aimed at increasing citizen participation in public affairs. Ashoka recently spoke with Eric.

Eric Liu

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Tribalism dehumanizes, and we're trying to re-humanize civic life. We ask deeper questions: Who are you responsible for? Who have you failed in your life? How do you try to make a sense of family when you don't have family?

Strong democracy requires strong citizens — citizen in the broad and inclusive sense of being a contributor to community. For us, culture precedes structure.

Joy is inseparable from the spirit of citizenship. We do not wag a finger, scold, shout, “Do your duty!” We invite: “Join the club, join the party, find meaning in your belonging!”