Dune Lankard
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Dune Lankard, on the Future of Climate-Changing-Everything

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Hi, I’m Dune, creator of: Eyak Preservation Council and the Native Conservancy, which we set up in the wake of the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill — we have in the years since taken on numerous and endless frontline issues to protect our ancestral home, wild salmon runs, the ocean way of life, and support similar efforts elsewhere.

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We need to get creative, to embed regenerative thinking/acting in all our decisions. As in: If it’s not regenerative, don’t do it. For coastal communities like ours, this means protecting wild salmon species, habitat for all species, unlocking tidal energy, current turbines, wind and solar. Building smaller homes on stilts and/or wheels. Maintaining and/or restoring healthy baseline ecosystems so they can support us into the future because everything is connected.