Charline Prazen Chikomo

Par un membre du staff
Headshot of Charline Chikomo. Person with darker skin dressed in a suit and tie smiling at the camera
Youth Years Consultant

Charline Prazen Chikomo is a passionate educator on a mission to transform education and leadership in Africa by raising a generation of highly impactful leaders and bridging the gap between schools and communities. Before joining Ashoka  and at the age of 17, Charline founded DUCE Leadership Initiative, shifting education from mere certificates to skill development, producing job seekers to job creators, and most importantly, leading conversations and debates around reimagining education to meet the demands of our fast and ever-changing communities and the world at large. The organization has expanded to other African countries, including Rwanda, Zambia, and Mozambique, with approximately 5000 members.

Charline Prazen Chikomo is one of the 100 changemakers selected across Africa for the fully funded Nelson Mandela Centennial Scholarship to study and continue working on their missions to solve Africa's most pressing challenges. He graduated from the African Leadership University with a First Class Degree in Global Challenges with a multi-disciplinary mission in education, governance, and economics, "bridging the gap between education and economic development in developing nations ."  Charline served as a member of parliament in the Zimbabwean Junior parliament. He has also won several awards, namely the Africa Opportunities Award, UNPGC Excellence in Leadership and Sustainability Ambassadorship Award.