Accelerating Healthcare Access -Thursday 21 June 2018

Join us for the Accelerating Healthcare Access ecosystem day on the 21st of June in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
As part of the Globalizer Summit on Accelerating Healthcare Access, the Philips Foundation and Ashoka are delighted to invite you to our Accelerating Healthcare Access Ecosystem Day. 
The day will be a unique opportunity to meet and work with 13 extraordinary social entrepreneurs and Ashoka Fellows who have positively impacted millions of people worldwide. From innovating on new technologies to changing national policies, these social entrepreneurs have pioneered solutions that are making health services accessible to the most remote and vulnerable groups.   

The Ecosystem Day will convene more than 100 diverse experts --business leaders, health care practitioners, policy-makers, development organisations and social entrepreneurs-- providing a collaborative platform to delve into the systemic challenges and opportunities for providing quality healthcare access for all.
Are you interested in joining? Reach out to Maxime at mverb[email protected] for more information on registration. 
We look forward to seeing you there, in Eindhoven!