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In Memory of Marcelline Ouédraogo

The global Ashoka community deeply mourns the loss of Marceline Ouédraogo of Burkina Faso, founder of Groupement Férminin Songtaaba.

Elected as an Ashoka Fellow in 1996, Marceline helped transform shea butter, one of the few economic assets in Sahelian Africa controlled by women, from a less-than-subsistence, informal-sector activity into an income generating industry that advances the status of women as a driver of the formal economy.


Guillermo es un empresario con diversas inversiones en el sector agropecuario y agroindustrial. 
Previamente ha tenido una larga carrera en el sector bancario como Director y CEO del Banco Comafi, Chairman y CEO de First Data Southamerica, Gerente General de Argencard y Director de Banca de Personas y Seguros del Banco de GALICIA. 
Además, durante el período 2016/2017 fue Representante Comercial de la República Argentina en la Embajada Argentina en Washington DC.


Natalia es directora del Hotel Madero y presidente de Gijon S.A.

Ingeniera Industrial egresada del ITBA y MBA de Stern School of Business con orientación en finanzas.


From Subsistence Farming to Fair Trade - Empowering Women in Burkina Faso: Ashoka Fellow Marceline Ouedraogo

By improving the quality of Shea Butter production in Burkina Faso, Marcelline Ouedraogo has enabled a significant increase in income to more than 3,000 women across the country. 


Il programma televisivo spagnolo Para Todos La 2, in onda ogni sabato mattina alle 12.00, ha dedicato diverse puntate ai Fellow italiani di Ashoka.

EIR Lessons in Perspective: An insight into the EIR experiences of Western Union executives Emmanuel and Terry

For information about the Executive in Residence program visit the EIR program page, or contact us at


EIRs Emmanuel and Terry placement map


Why Embracing Immigrants Brings Growth To Rust Belt Cities

Communities around the country are becoming more prosperous by creating inclusive policies for immigrants and refugees. This interview with Ashoka Fellow David Lubell explains how communities can use this turbulent moment to transform themselves, how business leaders can plug in, and why welcoming is for everyone – not just those among us who are newcomers.

From Standing Rock to Pine Ridge Reservation Community Sustainability: Ashoka Fellow NickTilsen

One of the Dakota Access Pipeline's most devoted protestors is making his strongest stand back in his hometown. On the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, Nick Tilsen, a 34-year-old member of the Oglala Lakota Nation and founding executive director of the Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation, is breaking ground on nearly three dozen homes and other amenities on 34 acres of land.

Un banco ético, ¿posible en la Argentina?

June 2, 2016

Joan Antoni Melé, referente mundial de la banca ética, visitó Buenos Aires y otras tres ciudades de Cono Sur, en busca de la expansión de un modelo financiero que ponga en el centro a la persona. Lo acompañaron las organizaciones CAF, Avina, Ashoka y Sistema B.

'Tough Guy' Farmers Stand Up To Italian Mafia — And Win

Calabria is Italy's poorest region. With local unemployment at 23 percent, many Calabrians face a choice: do business with the mafia or don't work at all. GOEL Bio, gives locals a third option. It did more than try to fix a broken and corrupt economy. Instead, it created an entirely new, alternative economy.