Ashoka Fellows

Ashoka Fellows are leading social entrepreneurs who we recognize to have innovative solutions to social problems and the potential to change patterns across society. They demonstrate unrivaled commitment to bold new ideas and prove that compassion, creativity, and collaboration are tremendous forces for change. Ashoka Fellows work in over 70 countries around the globe in every area of human need.

All Ashoka Fellows must undergo a rigorous search and selection process in which they demonstrate that they fully meet Ashoka's selection criteria. Upon election, all Fellows agree to abide by the Conditions of Association with Ashoka and gain lifetime support through the world’s leading network of social entrepreneurs. Ashoka helps seed that network investment through stipends that allow Fellows the financial flexibility to fully dedicate themselves to their new ideas.

Join us in investing in the growth of the world’s leading network of social entrepreneurs! Donate to the Ashoka Venture Fund, where all donations go directly toward the search, selection, and lifetime support of new Ashoka Fellows. Read the full election profiles of the Ashoka Fellows below.

Ashoka categorizes our Fellows broadly into one of six fields of work: Civic Engagement, Economic Development, Environment, Health, Human Rights, and Learning/Education. Search for a Fellow by name, country, or topic area.

Country: India
Organization: Samagra
Date of Election: 2014-02-24
Field of Work: Civic Engagement, Field of Work: Health
Swapnil is changing the widespread practice of open defecation in urban slums, by strategically influencing key emotional and rational decision-making. Through the principles of human-centered design, he is improving the condition of community toilets to create “compelling...
Country: Nicaragua
Organization: Puntos de Encuentro
Date of Election: 2014-01-23
Field of Work: Civic Engagement
In Central America, the breakdown of law and order during the past twenty years has led to high levels of domestic violence against women and youth, but violence in the home has been treated as a taboo subject and dialogue has been difficult in these polarized societies....
Country: United Arab Emirates
Organization: Duburah
Date of Election: 2014-01-20
Field of Work: Human Rights
Ahmad Edilbi is introducing a new way to empower, integrate and build social capital in scattered, immigrant populations that have been affected by a political crisis or natural disaster. Using diaspora networks, he enables refugees to play an active and productive role,...
Country: Jordan
Organization: Rawan Media
Date of Election: 2014-01-20
Field of Work: Learning/Education
Rawan is working with students, teachers, families and communities to shift the traditional, rote-memorization based educational environment in the Levant region to an interactive and inductive ecosystem which enhances listening skills and imagination through interactive...
Country: Tunisia
Organization: Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship
Date of Election: 2014-01-20
Field of Work: Economic Development
In a situation where the prevailing attitudes of young people are to wait for family connections, charity or government actions and with no existing culture of entrepreneurship, Asma is introducing a cultural shift in which young people take solving social problems in their...
Country: Lebanon
Organization: Jouwar
Date of Election: 2014-01-20
Field of Work: Civic Engagement
In societies with low or non-existing civic engagement, Elie is reversing the passivity of citizens. Starting with non-political issues in which people can hold the government responsible, he is creating a new culture which values engaged citizens and accountable...
Country: India
Organization: Earth 360
Date of Election: 2014-01-20
Field of Work: Environment, Field of Work: Health
Dinesh is creating vibrant local millet economies, by addressing significant gaps in the millet value chain.
Country: Mexico
Date of Election: 2014-01-17
Field of Work: Health
Fermín is democratizing access to potable water in rural Mexican communities using technologies and community models that provide access to low-cost, high-quality drinking water. Fermín’s ultimate goal is to allow everyone in these communities constant access to potable...
Country: Mexico
Organization: Yo Propongo
Date of Election: 2014-01-17
Field of Work: Civic Engagement
Alejandro is proposing a new, intermediary-free process of public participation that connects governments to citizen knowledge using big data and innovative technologies. Alejandro leverages pre-established government commitments, works with local community members to...
Country: United States
Organization: Hollaback!
Date of Election: 2014-01-13
Field of Work: Human Rights
Emily May is making street harassment as culturally unacceptable as sexual harassment in the workplace, by naming and raising visibility of the problem, and establishing systems and accessible tools to effectively report and address it.