Roberto Kikawa

Ashoka Fellow
Sao Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Fellow Since 2011
Related TopicsHealth & Fitness, Health care


This profile was prepared when Roberto Kikawa was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2011.
The New Idea
Addressing the lack of health services in remote rural communities, Roberto is making healthcare services available to rural and impoverished populations through the installation of advanced medical clinics. In his project a team of medical professionals and specialists enter each municipality for short periods of time and install either mobile or fixed clinics to complement and, in many cases, transform the existing public medical facilities. Their work also includes an educational element that seeks to raise public awareness and understanding of healthcare issues, with a focus especially on preventive medicine. Roberto is demonstrating that by bringing needed medical care with necessary equipment and comprehensive health education, he can empower individuals to become actively involved in improving the healthcare of their community.

As a result of the high-quality of his operations and a streamlined management strategy that promotes more efficient patient consultation, Roberto’s project has become an attractive partner for public health institutions, community organizations, and private local sponsors. These associations enable Roberto to expand the project’s reach, achieve financial sustainability, and create new opportunities for widespread impact. By leveraging the economic and institutional resources of the Brazilian national healthcare system (the Sistema Único de Saúde), the project has been able to grow rapidly. Roberto is planning to replicate the model on an even larger scale to remote areas of the country with new clinic designs, and he is studying alternative business models in order to expand abroad.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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