Raed Othman

Ashoka Fellow
Bethlehem, Palestine
Fellow Since 2011
Related TopicsCivic Engagement, Media


This profile was prepared when Raed Othman was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2011.
The New Idea
Raed is creating an independent news media space in the Levant that builds public awareness regarding social, political, and economic issues, including gender equality, human rights, and good governance. Raed is developing an inclusive and credible platform for open dialogue with the government because his news network is built on a foundation of transparency, credibility, and non-biased reporting.

Recognizing that media is central to a public dialogue, Raed is creating a regional network of news organizations that pools together resources and supports each other in skills-building, collaboration, and independent news coverage. This network uses a number of mediums to access all members of society, from paper and web news, to television and radio programming.

Raed founded Ma’an Network in 2004 to enable the people of the Levant to have access to full information citizenship. Through the Ma’an Network, Raed has begun to realize his vision of a robustly independent, world-class Palestinian media source, which is centered on democracy, good governance, gender equality, and human rights.

Ma’an Agency, which is the largest media program in Ma’an Network, consists of a trilingual online independent news agency, twelve local radio stations, eight local television stations, an in-house Research Unit, and a partnership with international satellite channels to broadcast across the Arab world. Through this media network, Raed has successfully become a market leader, creating a new benchmark for independent news reporting in Palestine. According to the Ma’an Network’s 2010 annual survey on media and governance in Palestine, 75 percent of Palestine’s population ranks the agency’s website as their main news source.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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