Paul Bradley

Ashoka Fellow
Concord, United States
Fellow Since 2011
My work: Helping owners of manufactured and mobile homes purchase their communities as democratic organizations.

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Related TopicsCivic Engagement, Citizen / community participation, Development & Prosperity, Housing


This profile was prepared when Paul Bradley was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2011.
The New Idea
Paul is creating the pathway that will allow the country’s 2.7 million homeowners in manufactured home communities, also known as “mobile home parks,” to achieve economic security, fuller protections against excessive rents, threats to health and safety, eviction, and full economic citizenship through ownership and participation in a cooperative. His non-profit organization arranges the financing and other supports to transition manufactured home communities into resident-owned communities (ROC) that allow residents to jointly own the land under their homes, build assets over time, and democratically manage the community. Having led the expansion of the co-op sector in New Hampshire at the NH Community Loan Fund, one of the country’s innovative community loan funds, Paul formed ROC USA, LLC in 2008 to scale the work through a social venture national network and centralized financing. His work is helping to bring manufactured home cooperatives more fully into the fold of affordable housing in the U.S.—and at a time when subsidized affordable housing options for lower-income Americans are shrinking significantly. Paul works with a full-time focus and a lean team of six, leveraging affiliated regional organizations and partnerships with other national networks to achieve the scale he envisions. With partners and funders, he also dispels negative stereotypes about the people who live in manufactured home communities.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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