Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2010
This description of Kara Andrade's work was prepared when Kara Andrade was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2010.
Kara Andrade is the daughter of generations of United Fruit Company banana pickers in the plantations of Guatemala. When her mother became a coyote, Kara had the opportunity to leave Guatemala as a young child, become a U.S. citizen and work as a public health advocate, community organizer and journalist. She is now using all her cumulative skills to develop a citizen-based information sharing platform throughout Central America, where democracy is gradually beginning to emerge. is a local mobile-driven network of regional citizen information websites in Latin America where contributions can be anonymous. Contributors, especially young people, from each country share and discuss information in various languages, including local indigenous languages. People use whatever means is available to them—computers, email and cellphones—to contribute and access the websites. A team of mostly volunteers share information and tools to participate and own the websites within each country. Built on mobile phone networks and Internet “hub” sites, Kara’s HablaCentro model has rapidly spread through the region, as grassroots demand for a reliable source of information has surged.
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