Javier Lozano

Ashoka Fellow
Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Fellow Since 2012
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This profile was prepared when Javier Lozano was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2012.
The New Idea
With Sugar Clinics, Javier provides specialized, low-cost medical care for diabetes patients from the middle and lower classes of Mexico, especially in rural and isolated communities. By offering low prices, reduced queue times, and quality care, Javier believes his clinics will become an attractive option for Mexicans who need diagnosis or access to diabetic treatment. Since most diabetes-related deaths and complications occur among low and middle-income populations, Javier’s project has the opportunity to create national impact.

Sugar Clinics provide all the services a diabetic patient needs in one place. It has developed automated tests, software, and specialized diagnostic algorithms, to detect and manage diabetes. With an economically efficient model based on economies- of-scale, it uses its sheer size to reduce average costs. Patients pay a fixed fee annually to have access all diagnostic and examination services, consultations, and diagnostics for laboratory tests and basic medications. Although there are a few social ventures that offer similar services in Mexico, Sugar Clinics is the only one to offer specialized care for diabetes patients with a sustainable model.

Javier has devised the clinic to have a social impact wider than its current location. In the future, he expects patients in agricultural areas and isolated communities to have access to the clinic’s physicians through phone consultations. Sugar Clinics has teamed up with the Nuevo León state government, thus cementing the basis for future expansion within the state and later throughout Mexico. Javier’s clinics will form a new venue for physicians to approach diabetic healthcare outside the private sector and the largely inefficient public sector. At the same time, the clinic will provide competitive salaries and help to alleviate pressures on public institutions. Expanding Sugar Clinics’ technology to other places will enable the clinic’s expansion to many offices in Mexico.
The Problem
The Strategy
The Person

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