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Young Leaders Mobilize Across Africa

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One of Africa’s strengths is that we have the youngest population,” says Augustino Agbemavo, a 26-year-old who runs a mobile library in Benin. Nearly 60 percent of Africa’s population is under age 25. Now, as he’s collaborating on education solutions for the global pandemic, Augustino is seeing young people stepping up to prepare and protect their communities—often using the power of digital technology.

In Benin, young people are creating information campaigns, from a song in local languages to short videos. University students are innovating automatic hand-washing systems and producing sanitizers and masks locally.

While the novel coronavirus continues to have a devastating impact, it’s also sharpening young leaders’ changemaking skills. “The COVID-19 pandemic period is where young people’s creativity, agility, and ability to innovate comes into play,” Augustino says.

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The coronavirus pandemic has added urgency — as well as visibility — to the movements young people have been hard at work building. As our reality is constantly changing, change is happening inside young people.

“Currently, young people are becoming more conscious of their power and are making a difference,” said Uche Udekwe whose organization Natal Cares works with pregnant women and nursing mothers in underserved rural communities.