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Isabel Aparecida dos Santos

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 2004


Amid escalating violence and deepening poverty, youth in the slums of Brazil’s major cities find themselves surrounded by dangers and temptations, alienated from the rest of their society. Isabel Aparecida dos Santos, better known as Bel, enables these youth to lead their communities and gain access...

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Through creating new ways of engagement and thus a new public profile for children and youth living on the street, Jörg effectively changes how we as a society perceive and interact with street-youth, so as to broaden positive perspectives about the group of often traumatized youngsters. He...

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Irfan Amalee

Ashoka Fellow since Mayo 2017


Irfan is countering the trend toward religious extremism and other forms of intolerance by cultivating faith -based peace movements, preparing a generation to become “Agents of Peace.”

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Jacek Purski

Ashoka Fellow since Ago 2017


Jacek is reducing the risk of extremist threats and crime from within communities by equipping teachers, parents, police officers and social workers, with the necessary know-how and skills to identify and reverse the radicalization process affecting youth in Poland.

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Jessica Ladd

Ashoka Fellow since Jul 2018

United States

Jess has designed a new victim-centered way to report sexual assault, identify repeat offenders, and provide institutions – beginning with universities – with relevant data to guard against and respond to the problem.

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Sonya Passi

Ashoka Fellow since Ene 2019

United States

Financial insecurity is the number one threat to an abuse survivor’s safety. Sonya is transforming the domestic violence movement from a mindset of crisis response to a focus on stability-building by bringing together the domestic violence and asset building movements.

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